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icon08/21/2018 - Hurricane Lane Watch

UPDATE 8/24/18:

As we await expected impacts of Hurricane Lane, officials warn of a high level of uncertainty due to the hurricanes slow movement and continue north, northwest track closer to Oahu. Therefore, we will continue to close the gym and cancel classes throughout the weekend on Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th. While current conditions are mild, Central Pacific Hurricane forecasters heed warnings of the severe weather yet to come and so we take absolute caution in the safety of our athlete’s and families. We apologize for an inconveniences and hope everyone stays safe these next few days.

UPDATE 8/22/18:

In anticipation of the forthcoming weather conditions from Hurricane Lane, ALL classes will be cancelled on Thursday, August 23rd and Friday, August 24th. We plan to reopen and resume normal classes on Saturday, August 25th considering weather conditions have improved. A hurricane make-up day can be scheduled for next week Thursday, August 30th during our Late Summer Break closure. This make-up will not count towards your one allowable make-up class per session. Additional information regarding make-ups will be posted shortly. At this time we urge all families to be prepared and take necessary precautions to stay safe during the uncertainty of the next few days.

 UPDATE 8/21/18

In preparation for a possible hurricane threat near the end of this week, we want to be sure everyone is prepared as well as let you know our plan of action should it be necessary.

As of right now all classes from Wednesday thru Saturday are normal, however depending on any severe weather conditions, emergency notices will be sent out via email. Our facility is equipped with flashlights, first aid, ect. should any power outages occur during classes. If absolutely necessary, we are prepared to protect our facility by boarding up windows and sandbagging any ground water entry.

While we are still a few days away and conditions can always change, we want to ensure the safety of our athletes as well as prepare everyone for the possibility of an emergency in the event it occurs.

icon08/23/2018 - Hurricane Closure Make-up Day

Due to the closure from Hurricane Lane from Thursday, August 23rd thru Saturday, August 25th, a special hurricane make-up day has been scheduled for next week Thursday, August 30th during our Late Summer Break. Here is the schedule for the make-up day:

Thursday, August 30th

Twinkling Stars:



Rising Stars:







Girls Shining Stars:




Boys Shining Stars:


Girls Soaring Stars:



Girls Extreme Stars:



Cheer & Tumbling Stars:



Hot Shots:








Spots are limited and are subject to availability. To reserve your make-up class for this day, you may schedule it online via your account on the parent portal:

  1. Log onto your account
  2. Go to Camps
  3. Select the program and time you would like to attend for your make-up class
  4. Follow the prompts until you get to complete transaction. Once you click on complete transaction, an email confirmation will be sent to you.

Or you can email us:

  1. State your child’s name
  2. The program and class day and time they currently attend
  3. The time you would like to attend for the make-up

You may also schedule a make-up class in any of the other days and times that we offer for the program. As a courtesy, we will be extending the time that this make-up may be completed for currently active families to two months instead of one (complete make-up by 10/27/18). All families who are withdrawing from the program may schedule their make-up on the August 30th make-up day or have an extended date of 9/8/18 to complete the make-up class. Please contact our office via email with the date and time you would like to attend.

Mahalo and stay safe!

icon01/22/2017 - Drop-in Acro Training for Pas De Deux Hawaii Students

Island Tumblers Gymnastics is excited to offer a weekly 2-hour acro training session to current Pas De Deux Hawaii students ages 8 and up. Each two-hour session will include: basic stretching and warm-up, introduction to basic acro skills used in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Lyrical dance genres, general conditioning, and 30 minutes of open mat time for students to work on individual skills and goals.

Enrollment per training session is limited to 30 students. To reserve a spot please make sure to register online at Payments ($20/training session) are due at the door on that day, in cash. You can sign up for as many dates as you would like.

Acro Training Sessions will be held every Sunday from 9:00-11:00 am from January 22-May 21 

Registration is now open.

How to Register for Winter Break Acro Workshops
1. Please note that in order to attend a session your child must be a current student at Pas De Deux Hawaii. In addition, a current online account and annual registration fee with Island Tumblers Gymnastics is required as well.
2. To create an account with Island Tumblers go to the Parent Portal, Click on Create Account and following the steps creating a new account. Once you have completed the online forms you will receive a confirmation from our front office. Simply follow the steps below after
3. Once you have an account login to the Parent Portal, choose Acro training from the upper left hand side, select enroll now for the PDD Acro Training
4. Follow the instructions to request enrollment in a session. Please note that while it will give you a total due it will not charge you for the session. Payments ($20/session) are due at the door on that day. Once your request for enrollment has been approved via our front office you will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the dates you requested*.

* Please note that if you have not paid the annual registration fee ($30/individual or $50/family) you will be asked to do this prior to receiving for confirmation of enrollment in the session