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All of the staff members here at Island Tumblers Gymnastics are committed to providing every child with the opportunity to shine like a star. All of our staff members are professionally trained to provide your child with a positive, safe, and fun learning experience.

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Charles Carter

Recreational Gymnastics Manager

 Coach Charles is from Pearl City, HI and did gymnastics for 6 years and cheered for 1 year. He has been coaching here at Island Tumblers Gymnastics for 10 years now. Coach Charles teaches select Twinkling (toddler), Rising (preschool), Girls/Boys Shining (beginner level), Boys Extreme (advanced level) and Tumbling classes as well as Open Gym on Saturdays at 3:00pm.

"I love working with kids end enjoyed doing gym/cheer and just wanted to pass on my knowledge. I like teaching tumbling just because there are so many skills the kids can learn. Also, when they have that accomplished look on their face when they get a new skill is awesome. The kids and families that come here are so great, I can't get enough." - Coach Charles


Lawrence Lucius

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Coach Lawrence is originally from New York and moved to Hawaii when he was 10 years old. He cheered at Radford High School for 4 years and has been coaching at Island Tumblers Gymnastics for 12 exciting years! Coach Lawrence teaches the Girls Extreme Stars (advanced level) program as well as select Twinkling (toddler), Rising (preschool), Girls Shining (beginner level), Girls Soaring (intermediate level) and tumbling classes.

"I enjoy coaching all of my students because it's fun and all the kids make me feel like a kid again. My favorite skill to teach is a 'full' because it is a fun, cool trick to do. On my free time I like to play basketball, watch movies and go to the beach." -Coach Lawrence


Warren Carter

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Coach Warren is from Pearl City, Hawaii. He was a competitive gymnast for 3 years, Cheered for 9 years and has been coaching gymnastics for 7 years. Coach Warren currently teaches the Girls Soaring Stars program (intermediate level) as well as select Twinkling (toddler), Rising (preschool) and Girls Shining Stars (beginner level) classes.

"I enjoy coaching gymnastics because I'm a kid at heart and it's fun and rewarding to help kids learn new skills. My favorite skill to teach is backhand springs because it made me feel accomplished when I learned it. On my free time I enjoy playing basketball and football."-Coach Warren


Coach DaJuan


Marissa Yoshikawa

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Coach Marissa was born and raised here on Oahu. She did gymnastics for 11 years and has been coaching for 3 years. Coach Marissa currently teaches the Tuesday Girls Shining Stars (beginner level) classes.

"Since I grew up with gymnastics for almost half my life, I know and understand the skills so I am able to teach kids what they can do. Gymnastics is unique in general because of what can be done like doing flips, spinning around the bar, balancing on a 4" beam, ect. This sport is an all around sport and activity because you build your strength, endurance and flexibility. Who knows, we may be coaching the next US olympic gymnast!" -Coach Marissa


Bien Ordonez

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Coach Ben is originally from Manilla, Philippines and now resides on Oahu, Hawaii. He was a gymnast for three years and has been coaching here at ITG for one year. Coach Bien currently teaches select Rising (preschool) and Girls Shining Stars (beginner level) classes.

"I enjoy working in this field because it will give me some experience and knowledge later on in life when I become a physical therapist. I like teaching advanced skills like back handsprings and front tucks because it's fun to watch the athlete's eyes light up in awe when they do it by themselves. Is this a job? It doesn't feel like a job to me." - Coach Ben


Coach Stieryn


Megan Schendel

Recreational & Competitive Team Coach

Coach Megan is from Mililani, Hawaii. She did competitive gymnastics for 6 years and will be returning to complete for her senior year. She's been coaching gymnastics for almost 3 years and is currently a recreational and competitive team coach.

"Coaching gymnastics allows me to teach my passion and after deciding to take a break from training, it gave me the opportunity to still be in the gym. One of my favorite things about coaching is that I'm always learning something new. Learning how to coach the skills that I did as a gymnast , and being able to teach 'my kids' those skills is amazing. It's like coming around full circle, just now I'm on the other half of it. Coaching gymnastics is more than just coaching a sport-it gives you the chance to give kids memories that they'll never forget, friends that will be with them forever, and life lessons that they'll carry with them for the rest of their lives."-Coach Megan


Logan Fontanilla

Recreational Gymnastics Coach


Elizabeth Walter

Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Coach Elizabeth was born in Honolulu and currently resides in Ewa Beach, HI. She has been doing gymnastics for 10 years, 5 of those years on the competitive team. Coach Elizabeth currently teaches select afternoon Rising Stars (preschool) classes and Open Gym on Saturdays at 3:00pm.

"I am a competitive gymnast so I have the knowledge and experience from competing, I also want to become a teacher and by coaching, I am teaching the sport that I love. I like teaching all skills I can spot because they're easier skills I can demonstrate and correct. The friendships and "aha" moments make this job unique. Meeting new kids and being able to teach them creates friendships and trust which feels great. When an athlete learns a new skill or makes a correction, they have an "aha" look on their face which makes me feel glad that I could help them." - Coach Elizabeth


Coach Nathan


Karen Schaap

Owner & Competitive Team Director


Phoebe Fry-Carter

Competitive Team Director and Coach

Coach Phoebe was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. She was a gymnast for 10 years, competed 7 years on team, and has been coaching for the past 9 years here at ITG on the competitive team. 

"I love this sport because it's taught me discipline, determination, perseverance and much more. Over the many years of coaching I am amazed at the growth I see in many athletes and marvel at the fact that I am a part of their lives in gym and hope that I make a positive lasting affect on them that goes beyond the gym. When I'm not in the gym I love spending time outdoors with my family and friends." -Coach Phoebe


Coach David

Women's Competitive Team Coach

Compulsories and Optionals



Kimiyo Bowlby

Team Compulsory Coach Levels 3, 4, 5/6 & Xcel Gold

Coach Kimi is from Dallas, Texas and currently resides here on Oahu. She was a competitive gymnast for 11 years at Woga and has been coaching for 10 years now. 

"The sport of gymnastics shaped my childhood and character. My coaches at Woga were a huge influence in my life, and I hope to do the same for my gymnasts. As a coach, I see my job as not only teaching gymnastics skills, but to help grow my girls into strong, motivated, determined women. I love coaching anything on beam or floor but particularly back walkovers on the beam. It's a scary skill, so when a gymnast is able to do it by herself, it's a huge sense of accomplishment for them. ITG is more than just a gym, it's a family. Coaching here has given me a new ohana with not just co-workers but awesome lifetime friends." -Coach Kimiyo


Kelsey Martin


Allisha Lavarias-Dumlao

Office Manager

Allisha is from Mililani, Hawaii. She is currently the office manager here at Island Tumblers Gymnastics and has been working here for 11 years.

"The reason why I enjoy working here at Island Tumblers Gymnastics is because of the people. The staff is like one big family. This job is unique because it's not just a typical job. I get to come to work everyday, work with some of the best people that I know, and get to watch as athlete's learn gymnastics and have fun while learning. The best part of my day is when parents come and say how much they love the program and how much their children enjoy coming here and seeing their coaches every week. That's something that you can't get at another job and that's why working here at Island Tumblers Gymnastics is such a unique and rewarding experience for me." -Allisha


Chantele Carter

Office Secretary

Chantele is from Pearl City, Hawaii. She was involved in All Star Cheer and tumbling since elementary school.

"I enjoy working at ITG with my family and friends. In my free time I like watching movies and spending time with my loved ones." -Chantele


Valerie Walker

Office Secretary


Sheryl Sanchez

Social Media Coordinator/Office

Sheryl is from Haleiwa, Hawaii. She previously coached Pop Warner Cheer for four years and has been employed at ITG for four years. She is currently also employed with the DOE. 

"I enjoy talking with the parents and students, getting to know them better makes it feel like one big family and it's a fun atmosphere all around. I enjoy going to the beach, SUP, fishing and camping. I also love spending time with my dogs, family and friends." -Sheryl